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Most of you won't need all this information. It's here in case you do.

Finding your way around the site

Everything on this site should be familiar if you’re comfortable on other web sites. Hopefully it’s pretty straight forward.

The Home Page

Hover your cursor over the page to see slideshow options; forward, back, start/pause (the auto slideshow) and full screen. On my Android Tablet and iPad tapping accomplishes the same thing.


Self explanatory except you’ll notice two Galleries links. “GALLERIES LIST” is a drop-down menu that lists galleries some with and some without submenus. “ALL GALLERIES PAGE” opens (strangely enough) the Galleries Page with beautiful (IMHO) thumbnails for those who appreciate aesthetically pleasing navigation.

BLOG: opens a page with thumbnail links to some random thoughts that might interest a few folks.

ABOUT/CONTACT/HELP: opens the page that has some information some might find useful — for instance this help post.

Clicking (or tapping on mobile devices) the header also opens the “ALL GALLERIES PAGE”.

Searching for images


SmugMug’s built-in search engine turns out to be pretty sweet. You can search by a single word, multiple words or a string of words.

You can search in any of the following categories: Photos • Videos • Galleries • Folders • Pages

You have the option to “REFINE RESULTS” by a variety of criteria depending on the initial results of the search.

Finally you can “Sort by:Photo Rank • Newest • Oldest

It is a pretty powerful tool.

But… there’s one little problem just now. I haven’t “gone to the trouble” of being careful about key words, file names etc. When I search for all photos using “ * ” it says (as of 4/10/2016 I have 5,211 images on the site most of which do not have keywords, consistent file names etc. I think I have a lot of work ahead. I will certainly be more careful as I upload new galleries.

Opening photo galleries

From the “ALL GALLERIES PAGE” Click thumbnails to get to photo galleries.

Note that the photo gallery might be a couple layers deep. For instance when you click on “Alabama Bellingrath Gardens” you open a “folder” (in the SmugMug world) that contains a number of thumbnail images for galleries.

Click on a thumbnail to open the photo gallery.

Returning to a previous page

Click any link displayed in the breadcrumb navigation (starts with house icon at top left of page) to quickly return to wherever you want to go.

Depending on where you’re at it will look something like:
[House] > Evendozen Galleries > Alabama Bellingrath Gardens > 2016-04-04 Goin' For a Walk

Of course you can also use the navigation bar at the top of every page.

All pages have a “Return to top” link at the bottom for your convenience.

Use the “Read and/or add your comments” link freely and add your insight. It’s appreciated.

If you want to contact me for any reason, use the “Contact Webmaster” thumbnail link on the “About/Contact/Help” page. It’s the easiest way to get my attention.

Viewing photos

After you open a gallery you can view the photos several ways.

  • Click the “Slideshow” button just above the top row of photos which will take you to a full screen and automatically advance through all the photos.
    NOTE: Hovering your cursor over the image will reveal navigation arrows (left and right), pause/start icon (bottom left), “X Close” (upper right), and an info bar at the bottom which if you hover your cursor over it may or may not have some tidbits about the photo.
  • Clicking any thumbnail in the gallery will open a large, but not full screen image. You will see the navigation arrows, full screen, close and pause/play (which will open the full screen slideshow) for a moment then they fade away.
    Hover your cursor anywhere over the page and the icons will reappear.
  • Top right of screen are two icons.
    Double arrow Full Screen” opens image in full screen.
    X Close” takes you back to the gallery you’re on.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Left and Right arrows navigate forward to next photo and back to previous.
  • ESC key closes slideshow and returns to gallery thumbnails.
  • F11 key toggles full screen.

Fast scrolling up and down with keystrokes (PC)

  • Home/End: quickly scrolls to top or bottom of the page.
  • Up/Down arrows: scrolls without using mouse
  • Crtl+Up/Down arrows: quickly scrolls to top or bottom of the page.
  • Page Up/Down: moves page the height of the browser window less a few lines so you can keep reading a long page.

For more than you ever wanted to know about using keyboard shortcuts in web browsers, visit the How-To Geek

For more information about the slide show window — with screen shots. Click here or find the link on the “About/Contact/Help” page.

If you find anything else that needs explanation, contact me and I will try to add the answer here.

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