In Case You Were Wondering…

I’m an amateur photographer and wannabe writer. I don’t think I’ve gotten really good at either of those things. That's just honest self-evaluation and I'm okay with it. Still, I get self-satisfaction from doing what I can and sharing the results of my efforts. My photos help remind me of what a wonderful God I serve.

Early on our three week "Trip of a Lifetime" to the great American Southwest, I stood overlooking the Grand Canyon for the first time. I became emotional to the point of tears and said to myself, “God could have just made our Earth functional, but instead He also made it beautiful. Surely it must be for our pleasure.”

I hope some of what I’m privileged to capture and share here will give you a bit of enjoyment. But if you are able, I encourage you to see as much as you can for yourself. There's no media that can begin to capture what you will see or feel in the moment. Your comments and observations are helpful and appreciated.

My wife took this photo on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon… in late May! It was cold, snowing and lacking oxygen (for us lowlanders).

It was beautiful, quiet and overcast with clouds hanging down like sheer wispy curtains over the faces of the canyons. There was a fog-like mist that wasn't conducive to capturing the vivid colors normally associated with the Canyon. But we got some interesting shots. We had a great time and got to see the North Rim in the snow.

It was a special treat for us since we live in the deep south about 200 ft above sea level. I doubt we will ever see that again. I was shooting with my first DSLR a Nikon D40. In my ignorance, while swapping lenses in the "invisible" dust of the desert regions, I let the sensor get so filthy I had to replace the camera while on the trip.

That was right after the tsunami in Japan. All I could find was a Canon SX40. A few days later I dropped that on some rocks while on a Hummer ride in Moab.

I ended up with a D3100 begrudgingly purchased at a local camera shop. Even so, it was a great trip and fortunately my memories (so far) are better than most of the photos.

Photos from that trip have more sentimental than technical value. If you enjoy any of them, great! That means the shelf space they take up here isn't entirely wasted. I would dearly enjoy another opportunity to visit again. Maybe someday. But there are other places I still want to see first.

Where have you witnessed God's gift of beauty?

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