Fairhope Pier

Fairhope Pier

A little setup

Vickie had to take her car to the dealership on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay so PaPa (aka John) and Zoey (age 7+) followed ‘cause we knew it would take a while. As it turned out, longer than we thought.

We decided to do a little site-seeing while we were waiting and went to Fairhope. Almost as soon as we got there Zoey’s iPad battery was nearly played out as a result of playing games and taking photos all the way across the Bay. So Nana (aka Vickie) asked her if she’d like to try Nana’s new camera. It’s a Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 and certainly not a “kid kam.”

Papa helped Zoey get started and helped her understand the buttons she would need to shoot. She was very attentive and as usual took it all in and stored it away in that little steel trap mind of hers. To say she took to it like a duck to water is an understatement.

I was blown away by her interest, the care she exhibited, and how quickly she got comfortable with the camera. She was excited yet patient and wanted to learn not just what to do but to also start understanding why.

Even more amazing…

I was intrigued as I started watching her find photos to take. I expected it would be willy-nilly shooting everything in site. Instead I saw her look for subject matter, compose the shot then shoot. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not saying she got it all right (who does?), but I could see her being very deliberate. The composition you see is all Zoey. I didn't suggest either what to shoot or how. She's got the eye.

After we left Fairhope we ate lunch, stopped by Bayfront Park in Daphne, picked up Vickie’s car then Zoey and Papa went to Battleship Park. I was waaaay too tired to do the battleship and decided we’d just spend a few minutes looking at the displays around the grounds. So an hour and a half later…

Zoey’s Nana has a great eye for seeing detail and and things most of us don’t pay attention to. I’ve also seen some nice pics her Mom has taken. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by these photos.

About The photos

All these photos (except the ones of Zoey) were taken by a seven year old child with (to my knowledge) no photo experience except for her iPad. She decided on all the subject matter and took the photos — all 562 of them. Not to worry, you only get to see 193 plus the pics Nana and Papa took of her.

We sat at the computer and decided what to keep and what to throw away.

We had three basic categories:

  1. Keep and display (I thinned that one out in Lightroom behind her back)
  2. Keep — private (you don’t get to display Papa’s backside in public etc.)
    It was a good time to talk about photographic kindness. I think she gets it.
  3. Trash (blurry, too many of the same thing and to my amazement, “I don’t really see the point of that.” Scout’s honor, she was the one who first said it.)

And then Lightroom

Okay, so Papa did the work in Lightroom since I haven’t had time to teach her that. What surprised me is that I was able to process them pretty much like my own. I did the normal tweaking, cropping, straightening (left some as taken since it is after all from a child’s perspective) and so on. They really didn’t require anything out of the ordinary.

I hope you enjoy looking at these about 1/10 as much as I have. Thanks for stopping by.

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