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My Naked Photos

You seldom if ever are going to see my photos as they come naked from the camera. I shoot mostly RAW (which is NOT to say "in the raw") and they must be run through a program to at least convert them from RAW to JPG so they can display online and in programs and apps. Even my old JPG's are going to get tweaked a bit before you see them.

This is a sample of how the process often goes, especially when getting one ready for print. When I printed the first one (2nd in the gallery) it came out way too dark. Blues are sometimes a bear to get right with an inkjet printer. Blue wants to come out with purple cast or get too gray or too dark. Sometimes, to be honest, your sky and/or water looks too much the way it actually was — and that's not always what we want. Often if you get the blue corrected other colors change.

My Canon Pixma Pro-100 has 8 cartridges. Black, Grey, Cyan, Photo Cyan (darker), Magenta, Photo Magenta (pink) & Yellow. Notice that not one of the eight says "Blue".

I finally got one after six 4x6 prints that printed to my satisfaction. Not perfect, but passable.

BTW: I blame my FB friend Keith Fortney for all this trouble. He’s the one who suggested this pic would make a nice print. Then I of course had to see if he was right. At least after all the effort I can report that he was.

In Case You Didn't Know… All digital photos begin life as raw data regardless of the settings on your camera. They need to be processed into an image file such as a jpeg to be viewed on screen or printed. The question is whether they get processed by your camera's internal software or with external software on a computer.

Most computer/software combinations have the capacity to do a better job of processing a photo than your camera. Whether it does or not depends on the operator’s knowledge of the software available.

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