Normally you can just right click an image on a website and then choose various options for copying, saving or sharing etc. SmugMug is primarily for photographers to display and/or sell their work. (Believe it or not some unscrupulous people will actually use copyrighted work without permission. Imagine that!) So if you right click images you will see a pop-up message explaining your options.

You still can, and are encouraged to, share the site and galleries and photos… the right way. Here's how.

Sharing SmugMug content to Social media is not exactly intuitive. So…

If you want to help me by sharing…

Open any gallery in the normal manner, click on any thumbnail to open it. Hover cursor over the image, at the bottom right there are four icons.

  • Share* (several options)
  • Comment (please use freely)
  • Information (more than you ever wanted to now about the photo)
  • Sizes (which you likely won't care about)
*Some of the older albums might not have sharing 'cause… well that's another story. If you find one, let me know using the navigation bar link "Contact John" above and I'll fix it.

The sharing options are a bit confusing and all essentially lead your friends to the same place. The only difference is that if you use:

  • PHOTO Link - opens the gallery slideshow to the PHOTO you are sharing
  • GALLERY LINK - opens the GALLERY the photo is in — the one I usually use if not sharing with SOCIAL*
  • SLIDESHOW - as expected open the gallery slideshow with options
  • MOBILE APP LINK Create a Mobile app. If you care, read about it here.
  • *SOCIAL - Shares the Gallery link via FB, Twitter, Google+

That's it. Confusing and not intuitive but easy after you do it once.

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